Pink and Green

have always been a girlie girl (my college nickname was Barbie due to my very pink shoes that I would wear to Chemistry class). However, I have been a very traditional girl in terms of color. Never in a million years would I have thought about putting pink and orange together or blue and red, or lastly pink and green. This color combination has been extremely popular throughout the wedding industry and modern design in general. It offers a variety of options in terms of invitations, flowers, and decor. Here are just a few pink and green items that have caught my eye.

Tie: J.Crew, Bride to be shirt: The Knot, Flowers: Lanie Elizabeth, Bridesmaid Dress: Watters picture courtesy of House of Brides, Monograms: Lucky Designs

A few late additions...

Room Service Home: : Lux Lime Urns and Posh Paisley Clipboards