{Guest Blog - Lupe} Baby Fever

I am very excited to introduce my mom. I will call her by her nickname that I gave her after 7th grade Spanish class - Lupe. Lupe has agreed to be a guest blogger. I wanted her to share her excitement about Lucky Designs and the baby on the way. So without further ado...

Learning I was going to be a grandmother was such sweet news. I am already thinking of all the books I want to share, places I want to visit, and adventures my grandchild and I will have baking, gardening and just following our imaginations. Visions of a baby shower, nurseries and soft cotton clothing are already swirling around my mind. I have begun "casually" interviewing young parents I run into concerning their satisfaction in regard to their stollers and car seats! Sites like the Polka Dot Patch Boutique are quickly becoming my new haunts. My daughter and I were looking forward to having a mother daughter blog, but have decided to focus on our family and our family business Lucky Designs. We want to enjoy every minute of her pregnancy, grow our business and just celebrate! If you have a baby or toddler in your life, check out the husband/wife author/illustrator team of Don and Audrey Wood. Their children's literature is remarkable. One of my favorites, The Napping House is about a granny trying to take a nap and will bring a smile to any day. I am stacking some of my favorite children's literature on my nightstand and looking into children's clothing lines that I loved for my children - Sweet Potatoes for instance. Check them out at PeekABooKids. Appreciate the opportunity for a guest blog.