Little Black Book

Nina Garcia, the fashion editor of ELLE magazine, recently published The Little Black Book of Style. I found an article in People (9/10/2007), that shared 4 tips from Nina's new book.

  1. Stock up on white Hanes t-shirts - A basic that is always chic.
  2. Sweats are not first-class attire - Sweatsuits are annoying. People should make an effort to look more put together [on planes].
  3. Watch out for toe cleavage - Showing too much toe is a no-no.
  4. Add sparkle to your pregnancy - When you are expecting, wear jewelry.

I could not agree more with the last tip (considering my "state")! I wonder if my husband read the article as well, since he gave me beautiful pearl earrings for my birthday in August.


Jen said...

It sounds like you have the best husband ever! Tell me how you trained him - mine needs it!