Deck the Halls - Monogram Friday

I love the idea of a monogram for any occasion, not just weddings. (Although today's monogram would also make a lovely winter wedding monogram.) Since the word SNOW was mentioned in our forecast yesterday, I thought this monogram would be appropriate for today. (Luckily, we did not get any flurries. My rule - no snow until after Thanksgiving!) I made the same monogram today with three different fonts. I love to play around with different flourishes, graphics, and fonts. In my opinion, fonts make a big impact. Each one of these monograms create a different feeling. The first one is formal; the second one is causal, and the last one is fun! I think this design lends itself nicely to holiday notecards or a seal for a pocketfold invitation to a holiday party. Have a great weekend.


Jane said...

No. 1 and No. 3 are my fav!! Good job they are super cute!