Holiday Purple

I can't say that purple has ever been on my list of favorite colors, but it is now! I have recently come across many stunning examples of weddings incorporating purple. This wedding from photographer Ryan Phillips is no exception. The dress, flowers, tables, and of course the bride and groom are beautiful. Below I have also included a few ideas that seem holidayish to me incorporating purple and silver.

{Pictures courtesy of Ryan Phillips via Black*Eiffel}

***I am usually so good about documenting my pictures sources, however I cannot remember where I found the bouquet and table picture! Please email me with an update if you know the source - thank you!

Top {Dessert - Brides, Dress - Corsention Photography, Dress - BCBG Nordstrom, Bride - Corention Photography}

Bottom {Bouquet - ?, Candy Bar - Flickr-2sistersphotopro, Table - ?}


jessica lynn said...

thanks for the purple/plum post =)

elizabeth said...

i'm SO into purple right now - great board!

Rachel said...

thanks for the mention. you have a great blog.