Personal Stationery

I truly believe that my college roommate, Amanda, should be a party/wedding planner. She is a hostess that is always thinking of her guests, friends, and family in particular. Amanda has been very supportive of Lucky Designs! I have loved working on stationery for her. I wanted to share a few gifts we recently collaborated on. A set of personalized notecards for her mother, a flight attendant, and recipe cards for her grandmother. I think they turned out well!

{P.S. Check out Amanda's Body Shop - there are lots of cute gift ideas for bridesmaids or Valentine's Day!}


Chere Amie said...

Oh, LOVING the recipe card!

Mrs. Designher said...

What a great blog you have ... all of your work is so inspiring to me!! :) I'm going to add you to my page so I can check out your stuff more often!

Jeannie said...

very nice!