Pink and Orange Treats

My sweet tooth got the best of me on this board!
{Top:The Knot, Simply Blooms, Net-a-Porter}
{Bottom:Jill Higgins Photography, Net-a-Porter, Kenny Pang, Frosted Art Bakery


Kati said...

love this - pink and orange are so hot right now! your boards are always very inspiring but i think this one is my fave (that cake seals the deal).

Shara Lana Pisowicz said...

Jill Higgins is an AMAZING photographer!

grace grant said...

jill is an amazing person as well! kudos to my sister, caroline, for the beautiful goodies at my wedding---her husband made fun of her for tying ribbons on skewers---but our family motto is "Cool Counts"!

malorey279 said...

Glad to see there are people who appreciate that ribbons on skewers are cute!!!
What a great fun site! Props to Jill Higgins - she's the best!

acaligurl said...

nice pics.
amazing shoes.