{Guest Blogger} Lucky Husband

Attention Lucky Me readers: This is your hostess's husband, and I am highjacking this blog. Your regularly scheduled segment where my wife showcases the fine work of some other talented professional has been preempted so that I can instead showcase the fine work of my wife. As you all know my wife is wonderful at finding inspiration from every conceivable source and combining and arranging them in a way that marks them with her own style. That's great, but it's time someone used this space to talk about her talent.

It's funny...when we got together, she did not consider herself "creative" at all. She was a scientist, not an artist. Planning our wedding changed that rather quickly. For someone with no creativity or artistic nature, the vision that she executed for our wedding, from our invitations to decorations to venue choice, etc. was beautiful and consistent. From there, this business was born, and I think she continues to surprise herself all the time with her own talents.

Now she is constantly developing new creative talents and interest. I have been looking so forward to spring, because last year I had a ball going on long walks with her and her camera, as she searched out flowers to photograph. Some of the shots she got amazed me. And this was with a very limited digital camera, and no photo training (that I'm aware of). I love the way she tackles entirely new fields of endeavor, with absolutely no experience or training, teaches herself what she needs to know, and develops her own very unique style and methods. She never ceases to amaze me.

The latest talent that has emerged, and which I'm proud to say I have sparked and collaborated in, is flower arrangement. Since we moved into our new house, I decided that we should always have fresh cut flowers, so every couple weeks, when I go grocery shopping, I bring home a couple new kinds. What blows my mind every time is how she keeps what is still alive from the last batch, and blends it with what I have brought home. I started out trying to get flowers that looked good together and would match our home. Now I intentionally buy stuff that will challenge my wife's skills. Each time, she blows my mind.

Anyway, I plan to barge in on this blog more frequently in the future, whenever I feel that my wife has neglected her own work to showcase that of others for a bit too long. Other talents you can expect to learn about in the future include gourmet cooking, country and western singing, and others I'm sure I don't even know about yet. In the meantime, enjoy her photography and flower design!


Robyn said...

The only thing better than a smart, creative girl is a husband who completely appreciates and supports her!
You rock, Lucky Husband!

Lucky Lupe said...

My son-in-law's blog is wonderfully sincere and the appreciation of talent he describes with his erudite words is entirely reciprocated by my daughter! How "lucky" am I to work with and have these two remarkable young people in my life [and Lucky Baby too]? No wonder Lucky Designs is "blooming".

Lucky Designs said...

Thank you babe - you're the best!

Second Thought said...

What a sweet hijack!