Happy Earth Day

I was tagged by katelynjane, so here goes...

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The facts:
  • I have always loved Graeter's Ice Cream, but I have to confess...I now only eat Aglamesis!

  • I love to watch the Food Network. My new guilty pleasure (along with Lost), is Bobby Flay's Throwdown!

  • I still love Beefaroni even though I am not 8 years old.

  • I could spend hours on end at the home improvement store picking out paint colors for my house.

  • I cannot wait to buy a new car in the near future - hopefully a hybrid!

  • I do not like to drink water - I would rather drink an ice cold glass of milk.

  • Autumn is my favorite season, but I am definitely enjoying spring and taking walks with my daughter!

Feel free to post if you have not been tagged with fun stuff! Happy Earth Day to all, and thank you to Elizabeth Anne Designs for sharing some of our monograms and an inspiration board.


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

ooooh i heart beefaroni too!

Second Thought said...

I love beefaroni too!

Stella Event Design said...

Love your monograms! I can't wait to start referring clients to you--what a great concept!

melanie said...

so good to see another graeters fan...so i;ll trust your recommendation and check out aglamesis! warmly, -melanie-