Vertical or Horizontal?

I always have made my inspiration boards horizontally until I created a board for Style Me Pretty. Now I think I like to make them vertically! Do you have a preference?

Inspired by the table picture (via exit, pursued by bear via Martha Stewart), wedding dress via J.Crew, dessert via Tartelette, yellow dress via J.Crew, flowers via Instyle Weddings, ,monogram via Ann Hamiliton via The Bride's Cafe


*Michelle said...

I think the trend is vertical because some of us found out the hard way that our blogging space doesn't lend much in the horizontal plane!

which then was edited to be this


Kathryn said...

Mine are mostly vertical, but I do a few horizontal ones if they work out that way.

Ellen said...

Well, now I might just have to have that yellow dress ;o)

Yay for sales! :o)