Ceremony Decor

The main decor at my ceremony was the building. The Cincinnati Museum Center is such a lovely example of Art Deco architecture. A small, minimalist touch that my husband and I added to our ceremony was our monogram on a cloth banner. Unfortunately, the banner is now rolled up stored in a plastic bag. I held onto the banner because it is a lasting symbol of the beginning of our marriage. It is also the symbol of the beginning of Lucky Designs! I have been meaning to hang it in my office for some time now. Brandi of Bell Creation recently posted about how her aisle runner was transformed into wall decor, and I think I am going to follow her lead!


Lauren said...

The banner looks great - it's cool that it is so meaningful signifying the start of both your marriage and your business.

It's funny because my situation is pretty much the same. My business started out with me trying to do some of our wedding stuff myself.

I just checked out the Cincinnati Museum Center online...what an awesome spot!

Brandi Natividad said...

Thanks for the post and link to my blog!!