The Dress

One of my readers, Rebecca, recently contacted me asking for advice on finding the dress. I love to talk about my experience dress shopping. I actually went shopping twice! My first purchase was incredibly fun. I spent the day with my mom, matron of honor, and aunt. We had a blast. I picked a dress with a touch of color on it. However, after several months of Mr. LD watching Bridezilla episodes with me, I started to realize that the dress I chose was not what he was picturing me in for that day. I started to panic, and doubt my choice. Finally, after several weeks, I mentioned my thoughts to my mom. She humored me, and off we went to a small bridal boutique. I tried on 3 or 4 dresses that were nothing like anything I had tried on months before. The last one was perfect!

I ended up selling my first dress via Ebay, and broke even. My best piece of advice for brides-to-be when shopping for their dress is try on everything. Every style, every price point. Even if your dream dress is out of your budget, there are a few resources that might make it possible. Check out PreOwned Wedding Dresses, Ebay, Your Dream Dress, and Bride Power to name a few. Any other suggestions for Rebecca?


Jaclyn said...

It is so true to try on styles you never thought to try on.
I started thinking of my dress a few years before we got engaged (We knew we would get engaged, wanted to finish college first). All the ones I marked in my magazines were cap sleeves, off the shoulder, lace sleeves etc. And when the time came I found these very unflattering. I actually tried on a strapless gown and fell in love! I have a large bust and through this would emphasize, but actually downplayed my bust since the material was gathered. There was a moment during the ceremony where the dress felt so much a part of me, I felt like I wasn't wearing it. Long story short, if you like a dress, try it on - you never know!

Tami said...

Going into dress shopping, I knew exactly what I wanted. The problem was that I couldn't find it. I must have tried on about 75 dresses (not kidding) until I finally found it at the shop closest to my home. My advice is to start early and don't give up no matter how frustrated you may get.

kristin @ the fairmount bride said...

I absolutely agree, you should try on everything. And if you can't decide on one, or it's out of your price range, research having it made. I was lucky enough to find a seamstress whose work is beautiful, and is able to make the dress that I am looking for, for a fraction of the price.

Maria @ {ritzy bee} said...

Check out OnceWed.com...they have amazing options for gently worn dresses :) It's a great place to sell your dress as well.

Barbara said...

I agree about trying on every style. I knew exactly what I wanted when I went dress shopping (33 years ago!) but before I made my purchase I asked the clerk to bring me a few dresses that were entirely different than what I had. Guess what? I bought one of those and never regretted it!

My only concern about ignoring your price point is that often we make emotional decisions that are not wise. Be careful if you go outside your budget. I realize in this day and age you have so many options that were not available to my generations but still...be careful!