Off to the Lake

I have been saving this picture for an inspiration board for some time now. I have not been able to find the perfect pictures to compliment however. What do you think about these from Snippet and Ink? I think this lovely photograph would fit in well with either board.

{Picture courtesy of Corey Ann Photography}
{Board #153 - Springtime Love}
{Board #161 - Life's A Beach}


jessica lynn said...

wish i could be at the lake right now! what a beautiful and calming picture!

Amanda B. Young said...

Yeah, at first the picture looked lonely to me, but the longer I looked at it and as soon as I envisioned it with the boards it brought much more of a peaceful vibe. You are right though, either of those boards makes a great compliment!

Corey B said...

How fun it is to see a picture of mine inspire such amazing boards!!! I'm in love with the second one but that could be because I had a beach wedding!

Thanks for the lovely compliments!

Dani @ Weddings Fresh said...

that photo is great--it just makes me feel so calm looking at it! i definitely wouldn't mind being there right now.