{For Our Readers}: Another Freebie - Postcards

I have read through the comments, and I appreciate all the feedback from the survey. The data that stood out the most to me was the number of readers that would like to see do-it-yourself projects. So, I am going to answer the call. Once a month or so, I will post a download for my readers to use. The first one is a postcard. Please leave a comment or email me if you have a suggestion for a template you would like to see in the following months.

*** These cards are for personal use only please! ***
{This download is to be used with VistaPrint's standard postcard size. The font used is Chopin Script. It is available for download here, if you would like to coordinate other pieces with this postcard.}


Neo said...

I really like the font, would it be to complicated to add that to the choice of fonts available on blogger.com? you can reach me @ piratenamedneo@gmail.com

Neo said...

what I am asking is what would be the procededure to install that font for use on windows, google, or blogger, and thank you for the quick response

Amanda B. Young said...

Love this!

Stu said...

Vista print wont let me upload it, it says file is too big...ummm what to do
But, thank you!

I have an idea for a future one! I saw some pre-made votive wraps, so cute! Maybe the same damask print as this one?

Stu said...

Thank you :)