{Guest Blogger}: Lucky Husband - The Honeymoon - Part 2

Ok, where were we? Oh, right....Fleeing a garage in Maine, with no place to stay, knowing almost nothing about the place we were in! So what happened next?

Well, having driven through a major chunk of Portland (much more than we wanted to) due to the terrible directions we got from the airport to the garage by the owner and proprietor of the garage (the garagekeeper?), we were able to decide pretty quickly that Portland wasn't really what we were talking about. So we decided to drive north along the coast, and get our peeps back at home working for us, trying to find the ideal place to stay. A couple of phone calls to my dad and Erin's mom got the wheels in motion. Since my dad fancies himself an amateur travel agent, and was free at the time, he took the lead. Within a half hour or so, he had come up with several excellent options. That's right, Erin and I researched locales for several months and came up with a garage, and my dad works on it for a half hour and books us two different, excellent places to stay, in two different, much better locations!

Our decision, which seemed like what we obviously should have planned to from the start was to break up the week and stay in a couple different places. We decided to start in Bar Harbor, and within about five or six hours, we had enjoyed a lovely, if a little stressful, drive up the scenic Maine coast, checked into by far the nicest Holiday Inn I've ever seen (and I've seen my share) with a gorgeous harbor view, and had a very satisfying, and calming lobster dinner in the upstairs of a restaurant with an overlooking view of the Bar Harbor main drag. Well, I had lobster, anyway. I'm not sure what Erin had for dinner, but her dessert, blueberry cobbler kicked off a weeklong blueberry feeding frenzy for her. They do know how to grow 'em up there.

The next five days or so were a fun-filled blur, as we kept ourselves busy enjoying the town at the very tail end of it's tourist season. The town was alive and kicking when we got there, and we watched it slowly shut down throughout our stay. Rosalie's Pizza, a lighthouse boat tour, live music at the Thirsty Whale, drives and hikes through Acadia National Park, and for some random reason, a major pinball kick were the highlights, as well as lots of seafood and blueberries. We love Bar Harbor!
Next we headed south, and located ourselves outside of Rockport, a tiny town (we might have missed the town, actually) between the charming burgs of Rockland and Camden. My dad found us a nice little motel right on the coast, and we spent our time much more lazily at the back end of the trip. We did have an excursion into a neighboring inland town whose name eludes me, for a raucous night of candlepin bowling - a small ball, fifteen pins, three chances to knock them all down - I can't tell you how much I wish that would spread to the Midwest! We spent a day shopping and dining in both Rockland and Camden - both really cool little towns, but they were close to a state of hibernation by the time we got to them. That was ok though, we had had enough excitement by that point.
Another scenic drive back down the coast, and we were on an airplane home, a happy, exhausted newlywed couple. The honeymoon which had started as a disaster had turned into a wonderful adventure in what is now one of our favorite places! Big props to Jerry, my dad, for helping make it happen!

{Thank you babe for your hilarious retelling of our honeymoon. I can't wait to share this story with Lucky Baby! I love you.}


Anonymous said...

Good for you two for choosing something different as a honeymoon - seems like it was well worth it! What a great story.