Lucky Me - Holiday Calligraphy

Why lucky me you ask? Because Michele Clark addressed my holiday cards for this year. You have seen her work on Weddingbee for Mrs. Onion, and again on An Excited Bride (aka. Mrs. Coconut). I cannot express to you how lovely her work is in person. I almost do not want to send these envelopes to my family and friends this holiday! Make sure to email Michele early if you would like her to work on a stationery project for you.
(I did not want to post the addresses, so here is a very small sneak peek!)


Melissa DiStefano said...

Omigosh! Those are gorgeous!!! Now my Christmas Cards are going to look like poop next to yours!

Amanda B. Young said...

Melissa's right -- those are fabulous! I'm jealous first of all that your cards are professionally addressed and second of all that you already have them finished! You are on the ball!