Two For One

My friend Peggy is getting married next year, and recently mentioned a unique style of dress that she tried on. She said it could be long (for the ceremony), but later could be bustled for dancing. I couldn't picture how a wedding dress could do that, until I saw these lovely photographs from Marie Labbancz. Do you have any unique "features" on your wedding dress?


Dina Holland said...

Amy Kuschel's new Spring 2009 line has a dress with a similiar concept. So practical, I love it!

Was considering carrying it in my store but wasn't sure just how many bride's would like this style and if the "seam" would throw others off who liked the full length dress.

Second Thought said...

this makes me think of Barbie. She always had those gowns that turned into minis. I wish I has her wardrobe!

jessica lynn said...

i saw this post/dress too and i was IN LOVE with it immediately!

Sharon said...

SUCH a fun idea! This is why I love working with brides and at weddings. Bird cage veils are SO gorgeous, somehow modern and vintage at the same time. That dress is amazing.