Rain Rain Don't Go Away

It is finally raining in Cincinnati - it feels like it has been two months without any rain. It made me think of the Rainy Day Bio on the Somewhat Official Knot Bio List. Although I enjoyed the sunny weather the day of our wedding, the rain can obviously be very romantic.

{knottie dooly & Something In Blue, knottie *jesses_girl* & picturemichigan.com, knottie drzwife}

One additional picture from Kenny Pang.

Plus, who would not want to carry one of these adorable umbrellas (Outblush).


Sarah Dennis said...

Look at the parasols Carla provided on her HOT wedding day. Aren't they fabulous???


Rain or shine it's always a "perfect" day to get married!

perfect bound said...

so glad you posted these photos. i love the rain too and yes, it's very romantic. plus, they say rain on your wedding day bring good luck.