The Green Challenge

I have been tagged by Laura at Soiree Special Events . The challenge: What are you doing to introduce environmental sustainability into your daily life? Throughout college, I greatly enjoyed being part of beach cleanups and many environmentally challenging activities. However, I have to admit, I did not continue with those practices until my husband became part of my life. He is very thoughtful and conscious of the environment.

  1. We recycle everyday in our household! My husband has to yell at me occasionally, but I am trying very hard to remember to put my milk containers in the correct trash can.
  2. My husband and I are lucky enough to carpool when we are able. Saving gas these days not only helps the environment, but helps our wallets.
  3. I also love to visit Half Price Books. Not only can you purchase gently used books and magazines, but you are able to sell your reading material when you are done so someone else can enjoy it rather than having it take up landfill space!
  4. Finally, we are hoping to purchase a hybrid car when it comes time to replace one of our cars!

Please share your green ideas!


perfect bound said...

Thanks for tagging me! What a challenge.

ready.2.spark said...

Excellent! I'm so excited to see that my challenge is making its way through the blogging community. Great tips!

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

Your timing cannot be better. I just interviewed an event planning company in Montreal that takes the eco-event movement to the next level. Your challenge gives me another reason to write a post about this important cause.

Jeannie said...

Here's one online mag about a greener wedding:

And a lot of invite companies are increasing the percentage of post-consumer recycled paper they're using. That's one way to help. Oh, and have you seen the one-sheet, tear-off-response-card invites? They use less paper AND less postage!