Shiny Shoes

I wanted to brag about my husband today, since Sunday, the 14th is our first wedding anniversary. I am so lucky to have him and his family in my life. We are going to enjoy a romantic dinner and a night at the Cincinnati Symphony for our anniversary. Music features largely in our lives. My husband is either teaching himself to play a new instrument, taking lessons from someone, writing or recording music. I hope our child loves music as much as we do! Our first Valentine's Day together, I received a dozen long stem red roses and an original song. Shiny Shoes is probably my favorite song that he has written, although it is hard to choose. I wanted to share the lyrics to Shiny Shoes and the link to his website.

Shiny Shoes

You say you'll know her when you see her
So you steal another glance at the mirror
And you ask her to dance, you know

You've got nothing to lose
You can't stop smiling
You can't stop shining your shoes

You've got nothing to prove
You can't stop lying
You can't stop telling the truth

She says it's been a lot of fun
But you know she's got to run
To another one and there goes the sun, you know

You got no one but you
You can't stop crying
You can't stop singing the blues

You've got nothing to do
You can't stop whining
You can't stop hitting the snooze

When you get to the next one, whoa whoa
You might try acting like you've never been hurt, but
If you make a connection, whoa whoa
Never let them tell you that you're never going to get her, no!

Now you're back in the saddle, whoa whoa
And you realize that the others never mattered, no
So you write her a letter, whoa whoa
And she hits the ceiling, because she's never been so flattered, no!

Now you say you're never going to let her go
Because you know the way to let her know
It's only getting better, oh!

You've go nothing to do
But keep on smiling
And keep on shining your shoes

And it's all up to you
So don't stop trying
And don't stop making your move

So always be true
And she'll keep smiling
And she'll keep thinking of you

It's so long overdue
So keep on smiling
And keep on shining your shoes


Anonymous said...

It would be so nice to receive a song or poem written just for me. It is even nicer to have a really good song. Thx for sharing!

Jen said...

That song is so catchy! You've got a real keeper.

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

I just came across your site and your blog. Love them both! Congratulations on your anniversary.