Lucky Designs was busy this weekend, not with the usual wedding stationary, but some fun odds and ends. A friend asked for help making personalized cards for her son's football coaches. Apparently a card for a male coach is hard to find. This is what we came up with!

Another friend recently welcomed a baby girl to her family. Here is a card to express our congratulations. (It reads Welcome!! on the inside.)

My mom rarely checks her mailbox, because (can you blame her) she hates getting bills. I love to send her good mail she can actually enjoying opening. My mom and my in-laws, were wonderful about helping my husband and I celebrate our anniversary. Here are a few thank you cards that I have sent recently.

Last but not least, my niece celebrates her 10th birthday today. For her birthday, I made her some personalized notecards, so she can write notes to her friends! Here are just a few of the designs...

(Happy Birthday to my friends Chrissy and Jeannie too!!)


pearls events said...

You have a gorgeous blog!

Darci said...

Those thank you cards are fantastic!

Lucky Designs said...

Thank you!!

Thanks for stopping by Aletha. I will be over to Pearls Events blog.