Very Black and White

Simply Sparkling Events has many beautiful details on their blog, but this one in particular caught my eye (the wedding of Jennifer Skog). Why - it is black and white of course! My favorite color combination. (Jessica over at Tying the Knot, and Darci at With This Ring are also in looking for some black and white inspiration - hope this helps!)

(Don't forget to check out Jennifer's amazing shower as well.)

Do not forget to check out Sarah's black and white ideas over at Toast and Tables!
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(Photography by Juliet Nicole Photography.)


jessicalynn402 said...

Ohhhh I love it!! How elegant and sure to leave guests talking =). Thanks for posting the link to my blog!

People St.Clair said...

Truly perfect you can't go wrong with Black and White. Its timeless, sophisticated, and stylish. I love that print in the ring picture. I wonder where I can find that?

Darci said...

This is great, thank you!! I love those flowers & absolutely adore the cake. Thanks for thinking of us :)

Sarah Dennis said...

Jessica is looking for black and white inspiration, OH MY, see what happens when you go out of town, I missed all this...I thought she was going with Navy and Green!

Erin, these pics are beautiful! Of course, Jennifer would go black and white, that girl is so classic, I love it!

O.K. I going over to Jessica's blog to read about what's going on..don't tell me she abandoned the "Tie the Knot" theme as well!

*smile* Thanks for the shout out!

Ellen said...

I was JUST looking at some very similar BM dresses today -- I LOVE the lace look. It's great to see it "in action." Thanks for the great post -- I LOVE seeing black and white weddings ;o)

pearls events said...

I'm loving the black and white. Beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Great Post! I love black and white as well. It's so simple, yet has so much punch!