Holiday Monogram Friday

Since it is finally feeling like fall, and it is November, I feel like I can speak about the holidays. It is kind of difficult to be in the spirit, when it is 80 degrees. Although, when you live in Florida it is another situation entirely. Since the front door of our house is red, I decided that I would love to have a red and teal motif this year. I am going to start with the door and work my way in! I posted a few of my favorite red and teal images previously as perfect summer colors, however I feel like this will be perfect for winter too. Monday I will post some of my ideas for my holiday plans. In the mean time, here is a monogram for you holiday and winter brides! Have a great weekend.


aletha @ pearls events said...

My sister designed a logo for a college project of mine about 5 years ago in teal & red, and I wasn't crazy about it then, but MAN, it's growing on me and I'm loving it! What fun holiday colors! :)