Guest Blog: {Mr. Lucky Designs}

Because my family is such a huge part of Lucky Designs, I am always looking for their input. Ever since I began blogging, I have asked both my mom and my husband to take a few minutes to contribute a post. They are both gifted, wonderful writers, and I knew that blogging would come naturally to them. My husband took a little more convincing than my mom, but finally he has "stopped by"...

I am sports fan. Not over the top or obsessive (I don't think), but I have a few teams I follow, and when I watch them, I get involved emotionally. In the early stages of my courtship with my wife, I worried that she would find my interest in such matters to be trivial, or my boisterous viewing habits to be frightening, so for a long time I tried to watch big games at my place, and when watching games in her presence to try to tone down my histrionics a little bit.

Slowly, as the months passed and football turned to basketball and so on, my full sports fan persona revealed itself, and to my relief, Erin did not seem to mind it or think less of me because of it. As a matter of fact, she seemed only too happy to sit with me while the games were on. At first, she would be working on her computer or reading a magazine, but slowly I noticed that she seemed to know all the main players' names, and eventually, there was no computer or magazine, and by last Spring's NBA playoffs, I found that I was married to a ravenous Phoenix Suns fan, whose devotion and enthusiasm (not to mention the venom she spewed at their opponents) dwarfed anything that I could muster. When that campaign came to a premature and heart-breaking ending, she was already breathing fire about what we'd do to the Spurs next season.

Well, next season begins tonight, with the Suns vs. the SuperSonics, and I now live in a house with the full NBA cable package, a nicety I never would have dreamed of splurging on when I lived by myself, and am married to a woman who is a little unbalanced when it comes to her sports. I find myself guest-blogging and I wonder if the invitation was extended to give her extra time to scout the Sonics and know what we're up against. At any rate, I apologize to those of you who came here hoping to see flower arrangements or table setting ideas. But tonight's opening night, and as long as this is my wife's website, you can be sure that the
Suns will get their due!

He of course is right - I am now a huge Suns fan. Check out my inspiration board I posted a while back, influenced by the orange and purple!


Jennifer said...

What a great post! Your husband is a great writer! And love the orange and purple inspiration board! That could also work for Halloween too! :)

I've happily added you to my blogroll. Hope you are well!

sarah said...

Great blog! Hope Lucky Baby is a Phoenix fan also.

sbucks706 said...

Psh, you two have fun with your "basketball" insanity, rooting for an arbitrary team for no good reason :P (an Ohioan rooting for Phoenix??)

Nicole said...

Love the male voice. Sounds like watching a game is a good time in your house. You guys must be busy - music, business, basketball, baby!

Jeannie said...

lol that sounds like the erin i know!