Let It Snow!

I can't believe it - the weather forecast for tonight includes snow! I absolutely love it when it snows. I don't even mind driving in it all that much. I am going to leave you today with a short post, because my husband and I are off to Indianapolis to see the Pacers play the Phoenix Suns!! I cannot wait to see the Suns in person. It is our mini-babymoon to celebrate the first day of my third trimester. Tomorrow we are going to see a Xavier Musketeers game as well. It is a basketball kind of week. I love it. Here are a few beautiful winter wedding photographers from knottie dmu78.


Sacred Moment Weddings said...

WOW!! I've found another FAB gal who LOVES the Phoenix Suns!!! Have a GREAT time tonight and say hello to the greatest basketball team this side of heaven for me!


I love your designs, by the way...I'll be checking you out on a daily basis!!

Kelly said...

these photographs are beautiful - i especially love the middle one of the back of the bride's leg...