First Monogram Friday for 2008!

Over at Weddingbee - one year ago today - Mrs. Lime posted one of her favorite colors scheme's, blue and orange. The orange left me feeling inspired. (It doesn't hurt that one of my favorite fruits, naval oranges are in season now either!) Have a great weekend. I have a lot of exciting new posts for next week.

I recently received my J.Crew January 2008 Catalog. Their new orange bridesmaid dresses are lovely, and match the monogram of the week!


jessica lynn said...

pretty pretty pretty...as always!!

People St.Clair said...

Truly lovely. I love the color combination and its simple elegance.

Electra said...

Love, love, love your site. My whole business is monograms and how to embellish your life with them. My giant wall monograms have been my latest hit! Maybe we could collaborate sometime...http://www.electrasmonograms.com or http://www.preppydecals.com/ Thanks!