Over the weekend, my husband, mom, aunt, and I painted a part of our new house. My husband and I had fun picking out paint colors, and I may just visit more often for design inspiration! We tackled the kitchen, dining room, living room, and Lucky Baby's room (for now). We used Olympic brand paint, since it was low odor and less toxic. Their colors have the best names. We choose Guacamole (seen below) for the kitchen, Cracker Bits for the living and dinning room, and Bell Pepper for an accent wall in Lucky Baby's room. The green and brown/gold combination is definitely one of my favorites, and I love having it in my house. Also check out Martha Stewart's paint collection. The colors are great and they are paired right on the swatches with other complimentary colors.

{Image courtesy of Olympic}


Mike said...

Wow you tackled a lot of rooms. I'd love to see the new paint job.