Green and Gold

Jeannie and I have been swapping emails back and forth with ideas for her wedding. I love being a part of her brainstorming. First I heard blue and gold, but now she is leaning more towards green and gold (with an autumn feel). I started the green trend with a monogram for the newly engaged couple on Friday, and now here is a board with a few decor/floral/attire ideas. I added a touch of brown/bronze too because I just love green and brown together.

Top {Knottie CaliCayman; Headband Jennifer Behr; Cake - Papillon Cake via Blush}
Bottom {Bride - Susan Stripling Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Ring - J.Crew, Cake - Vanilla Bake Shop, White Bouquet - Bella Flora, Remaining Pictures - The Knot}


elizabeth said...

this board is amazing - you are so talented! i LOVE those bouquets with the blue/green ribbon.

elizabeth said...

ps - i love that it's not christmas-y at all!

Jeannie said...

oooh! nice!
I love the one flower arrangement with the pear! How cool is that?!


Lucky Designs said...

Thanks for the kind words elizabeth!

Jean - I wanted to get a pear in there somehow! :)