Monogram Friday - Pretty in Pink

Thank you for the feedback on the shower invitations. You all can obviously see where I get my good taste!! My mom has a great eye for design. I am not sure where this inspiration came from - perhaps Kathryn's Bubblegum Wedding. It all started with the beautiful bride, and her unique dress - seen here. It may also be, that when I have a cold and a sore throat, I always crave milkshakes! Matthew Mead's drinks could not be cuter. Here is the Friday standard monogram, that I think would fit in perfectly. Have a great weekend!

Top {Flowers - Brides, Bouquet - Melissa Jill, Ring - J.Crew, Candy Bar - Suzanne Black Photography}
Middle: {Cake - Martha Stewart, Bride - The Image is Found, Donuts - Matthew Mead, Pinwheel - Martha Stewart}
Bottom: {Table - Martha Stewart, Dress - J.Crew, Milkshake - Matthew Mead, Candles - Matthew Mead}