Axes axes everywhere!

Axes, as in guitars, that is! My husband is one of the most nonmaterislic people I know. However, he does have a love of guitars. He owns (just to name a few) a Gretsch hollow body and a Fender Telecaster. This past Friday, we were planning to see Knocked Up (very funny by the way). We had some time to kill in between dinner and the movie, so we ventured over to Sam Ash and Garden Ridge, which are conveniently located next to one another. My husband comes out of Sam Ash raving about an Epiphone Wildkat that they have for sale. I tell him to buy it, because I know that he won't be able to think of anything else! It is even $200 less than the retail price, since it is used. He decides to sleep on it, but ends up returning the next day. So, without further ado, here is the newest addition to my husband's guitar collection. (He no longer can say anything about my shoes!)