Save the Date

As previously mentioned, Emily and Tony are getting married in the spring. They chose one of my favorite color combinations - green and brown. Emily and I just wrapped up all her save the dates, and they are ready to go out (with a little help from Martha Stewart with a wrap around label). Here are the magnets and notecards that are being sent to their guests.

Below, is a beautiful brown and green wedding from Cynthia Martyn's Events. Although it is a Novemeber wedding, there are so many elements that Emily could use as inspiration. See more here.


jessica lynn said...

thanks for the heads up on the wrap-around label. I love the idea!!

Sooz & Joe said...

I love the save the date. . . may I ask how you printed the magnet?

Lucky Designs said...

Sooz & Joe - Typically for magnets, I use an outside source for printing.