A Touch of Spring

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone enjoyed the beginning of the week. My husband and I had such a wonderful time with our families. He and I seemed to be on the same wavelength with gifts this year - we exchanged musical instruments. I gave him a Fender guitar, and he gave me a cello! I am so excited to start playing again after many years of being without one.

Like many bloggers, I am a fan of the beautiful wedding pictures from knottie Springchic's wedding. Black, white, and yellow are so fresh and vibrant. I stumbled upon another wonderful bio with the same combination of colors, but with an added bonus - damask! Check out Hawaiibride2be's bio. The table is amazing!


One Love Photo said...

Love this color combination. I had a wedding this summer with the same colors but a more retro feel. It's featured on my blog if you want to take a peak. I love the lemons in the vases and the flowers! Are those yellow orchids? Very nice-Beautiful Photos!