Lucky Me!

I just received an email from Sharp Lily, letting me know that I won an adorable Anna William large cosmetic bag.

Make sure to check out all the great steals and deals over at Sharp Lily! Here are just a few of my favorite things...


Black and White Bliss

How could I have possibly missed seeing this beautiful wedding until now? Check out the gallery over at Bliss Events. As you know, black, white, and yellow is a favorite of mine - and this is definitely not an exception. I also think the bridesmaids in this ad from Martha Stewart 2008 would fit in perfectly with this event.


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Heart Day!

I have to brag about my husband! I spent most of my evening yesterday trying to order a crib, but the website would not cooperate. I was very frustrated, so he went to the store and surprised me with beautiful tulips - one of my favorite flowers!

I also wanted to share this adorable cake. It seems perfect for a Valentine's Day themed wedding! As it gets closer to Valentine's Day, I will make sure to share the cards I will be sending in the Wedding Bee swap!

{Image via Bliss Weddings & Events}


Personal Stationery

I truly believe that my college roommate, Amanda, should be a party/wedding planner. She is a hostess that is always thinking of her guests, friends, and family in particular. Amanda has been very supportive of Lucky Designs! I have loved working on stationery for her. I wanted to share a few gifts we recently collaborated on. A set of personalized notecards for her mother, a flight attendant, and recipe cards for her grandmother. I think they turned out well!

{P.S. Check out Amanda's Body Shop - there are lots of cute gift ideas for bridesmaids or Valentine's Day!}


Monogram Friday

I found this lovely wedding via the Bride Board. I love the bride's gorgeous dress and the attention to detail! A bonus - it is in one of my favorite colors, green.

Images via Bride Board - courtesy of Meg Smith Photography

I hope you all have a great weekend. I am adding a cheerful standard monogram this week.

A Very Lucky Baby

I am still glowing from my baby shower on Saturday. My mom, mother-in-law, and friend Melissa outdid themselves. It was beautiful, and the food was delicious! We enjoyed Dewey's Pizza and cupcakes from Take the Cake. I did my best wrapping thank you gifts for my hostesses. They each received a damask gardening organizer and personalized notecards. There are also a few additional pictures on Lucky Baby, but they definitely do not do the day justice.



As much as I enjoy my readers, I was very hesitant to post today. I wanted to share a favorite wedding from the Brides website. However, the wedding took place on Sanibel Island, Florida, and my family and I do not really like to share this wonderful location with many people! This island is right off the coast of Fort Meyers, Florida. I have been going there as long as I can remember, ending up with the Sanibel Stoop at a very early age! This island is well cared for by its residents - there isn't even a McDonald's on the island - they just won't allow it. Emily and Carter's wedding took place at the Sundial Resort, the the vibrant green color palette is fresh and chic.


City Bride

Make sure to check out knottie ibekatieg's bio on The Knot. I love the pictures in the cab!

{Photos courtesy of Cindy Patrick Photography}


Over the weekend, my husband, mom, aunt, and I painted a part of our new house. My husband and I had fun picking out paint colors, and I may just visit more often for design inspiration! We tackled the kitchen, dining room, living room, and Lucky Baby's room (for now). We used Olympic brand paint, since it was low odor and less toxic. Their colors have the best names. We choose Guacamole (seen below) for the kitchen, Cracker Bits for the living and dinning room, and Bell Pepper for an accent wall in Lucky Baby's room. The green and brown/gold combination is definitely one of my favorites, and I love having it in my house. Also check out Martha Stewart's paint collection. The colors are great and they are paired right on the swatches with other complimentary colors.

{Image courtesy of Olympic}


In Good Company

My husband and I are still recovering from the move yesterday. It was a busy, productive day. We are very excited about our new home. I will be back posting tomorrow, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Weddings In a Box for including Lucky Me on their list of Best Wedding Blogs & Blogs We Love. We are honored to be among those on the list.


Monogram Friday - Moving Day!

I did not want to say much until it was official, but I am happy to share that my husband and I closed on our new house! We are looking forward to redecorating and finally getting to put together a nursery. It is a busy weekend, not only are we moving, but I get to relax for a few hours at my shower! I will be back next week with some fun pictures I am sure!

{Standard Monograms}


Monogrammed Notecards

My friends and family have had such a positive response to our monogrammed notecards, I have added them to the website. The sets of 10 folded notecards include a standard monogram design, and you may choose from white or ivory cards.

Feel free to email us with any questions!


Congratulations Tami and Josh!

Today's autumnal inspiration is for one of my best friend's in Florida, Tami and her fiance, Josh. They are planning a November wedding with browns and oranges. This combination is such a fall classic. It can be elegant and rustic all at the same time. I am not sure which direction Tami will take her details, but I know it will be beautiful.

Top: {Bouquet - The Wedding Channel, Dress - Amsale, Necklace - Valls Photography, Coffee Centerpieces - The Wedding Channel, Bridesmaid Dress - Amsale, Cake - Pen Carlson Photography, Branches - The Knot, Hair - The Knot}

Bottom: {Bridal Party -
Evoke Photography, Bouquet - The Wedding Channel, Bride - Jennifer Skog Photography, Bouquet and Bridal Party - Evoke Photography, Dress - J.Crew}


A Year in Cakes!

Now this is a way to start off the New Year! I love Martha's Year in Cakes. From lemon cake to berry pound cake with whipped cream, to snow-capped fruitcake, it doesn't get any sweeter! I hope when my husband and I get settled in our new home soon, friends and family could have a baking/cooking exchange each month.

Plus, you can find The Knot's 100 favorite cakes on their website today. Here are a few of my favorites from the group.


Mazel Tov!

Check out this beautiful, sophisticated bar mitzvah on Jessica Claire's Blog.


Monogram Friday - Pretty in Pink

Thank you for the feedback on the shower invitations. You all can obviously see where I get my good taste!! My mom has a great eye for design. I am not sure where this inspiration came from - perhaps Kathryn's Bubblegum Wedding. It all started with the beautiful bride, and her unique dress - seen here. It may also be, that when I have a cold and a sore throat, I always crave milkshakes! Matthew Mead's drinks could not be cuter. Here is the Friday standard monogram, that I think would fit in perfectly. Have a great weekend!

Top {Flowers - Brides, Bouquet - Melissa Jill, Ring - J.Crew, Candy Bar - Suzanne Black Photography}
Middle: {Cake - Martha Stewart, Bride - The Image is Found, Donuts - Matthew Mead, Pinwheel - Martha Stewart}
Bottom: {Table - Martha Stewart, Dress - J.Crew, Milkshake - Matthew Mead, Candles - Matthew Mead}


{Guest Blog - Lupe} Lucky Baby Shower Invitations

My daughter Erin returned home to live in Cincinnati nearly three years ago. I frequently catch myself thinking about how fortunate I am to have a daughter and how much fun we have together shopping, working in our family business, Lucky Designs, or just having a meal together with the rest of our family. The fact that Erin and my son-in-law Tim are about to have their first child has me ready to implode with happiness. We are planning a family shower for Erin [which we decided not to make a surprise since she is way too nosey!]. Erin's friend and matron of honor, Melissa and Tim's mother and I are planning this soiree. The planning is great fun and I am looking forward to the afternoon of the shower. However, it fell to me to plan the invitations for the designer behind Lucky Designs. Yikes! Please check out the finished design below. The invites were created in Lucky Baby colors - Kelly green, black and white. Now, that the word is out, the planning continues. More details later - after the event, since I am pretty sure Erin will be checking the blog and some things do need to be kept secret after all.


A Perfect Pair

I cannot believe it - it is going to be 70 degrees today! I feel like I am in Florida again. Cincinnati's weather often varies, but this is a little extreme. This weather (and my new CB2 catalog) inspired a crispy, modern board for today. The print of the pear is from a favorite company, Marimekko. (Marimekko even appears in the baby world!)

{Top: Pear - CB2, Cake - Pink Cake Box, Shoes - Shelley George}
{Bottom: Dishes - CB2, Dress - Brides, Table - Mel Barlow, Bronze Fruit - Pottery Barn, Candles - Brides}

{A standard monogram from Lucky Designs}


Tropical Blue Details

It seems my husband has passed along his cold to me, and I am feeling a bit blue!! I thought this take on blue details would cheer me up a bit. I found the reception pictures on Destination Wedding Style via Weddingbee. They have some beautiful weddings displayed on their site, and it seems that jewel tones will stick around for 2008! Stayed tuned this week for my mom's (a.k.a. Lupe) guest blog - she has some pictures to share with the Lucky Me readers!

{Dress - Lee-Ann Belter, Bridesmaids - The Knot, Reception - Destionation Wedding Style}
{Candy bar -
Chefs Catalog, Reception - Destionation Wedding Style, Earrings - Swarovski, Cupcake - Cupcake Blog}


First Monogram Friday for 2008!

Over at Weddingbee - one year ago today - Mrs. Lime posted one of her favorite colors scheme's, blue and orange. The orange left me feeling inspired. (It doesn't hurt that one of my favorite fruits, naval oranges are in season now either!) Have a great weekend. I have a lot of exciting new posts for next week.

I recently received my J.Crew January 2008 Catalog. Their new orange bridesmaid dresses are lovely, and match the monogram of the week!


Corsentino Photographer

The New Year has started off so well! I was recently contacted by Corsentino Photographer, informing me that Lucky Designs had been added to their list of Featured Vendors. I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity. Michael's work is amazing, and one wedding in particular caught my attention. This wedding was not a grand, over-the-top wedding, but one that took place at San Francisco's city hall (featured on Weddingbee). Here are just a few of the many beautiful weddings Michael captured in 2007.


Happy New Year!


I am still catching up on some website revisions, but I am very excited about the New Year. As they have been saying on the radio, "2008 is gonna be great"! I cannot wait to hear from our 2008 brides. Be back tomorrow!

{Lucky Designs - Monograms}